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Emmerdale and Hypnotherapy Plot Line

Emmerdale and Hypnotherapy Plot Line

Now, I am not a fan of soaps as a general rule. I say this because soaps generally are about the norm but dramatised to make it seem totally unbelievable. Emmerdale apparently had a story line where a major author crash was caused by one of the characters who is hiding his responsibility in the event. Last night, the victim of the crash went to a hypnotherapist in order to recover more information about the crash.

Now, this is of course, a possible way to recall information. In the hypnotic state a person tends to be more relaxed and by taking pressure off the person to remember the event, information can come more easily to the fore. Now, obviously, the information recovered may not be factually correct. By which I mean, it may be true to the individual remembering, but not necessarily true in a historical sense.

I get asked several times a year to help clients to remember certain events from their past. I am always cautious because, even when one tries to be clean, it is essential that the hypnotherapist does not lead the client to “remember” what the hypnotherapist thinks happened rather than what really happened.

I hope Emmerdale portrayed this process accurately and not over dramatise it.

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