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Elements of a Therapy Practice

Elements of a Therapy Practice

In order to have a practice, or indeed any sort of business, there need to be the following elements:

service (or product)

This may seem obvious (and indeed it is), but all these factors are crucial in creating success. You need to work to make yourself the best provider you can possibly be and work to make your service the
best it can be. Not only must these two elements be the best, they must also be what the customer wants, and the customer must know they want the benefits you offer.

This is good news! There are lots of areas to work on, and if you do so, you will succeed. However, there are many therapists who dislike that word “work”. They may be happy to do their therapy, but not be keen on the other bits. We aim to show you that these other bits can be just as interesting (if not more so sometimes), and their benefit will be immense.

There are many ways to achieve these aims. We can break the elements down further to:

Being the best therapist you can be
Providing the best service you can
Letting your clients know you are there
Letting your clients know they need you

Therefore if you master these elements you will master the establishment of a successful practice.

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