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Electrophobia- Fear of electricity

Electrophobia- Fear of electricity

Practically everything in our lives that revolve around technology is powered by electricity. Even reading this blog entry requires electricity to power the computer that you are currently reading this on. It is neigh on impossible to imagine life without electricity and the potential loss of it is a matter which concerns industry and governments. However there are people who find electricity and the concept of electricity terrifying, these people suffer from what is known as electrophobia, which is a pathological fear of electricity.

Sufferers of this phobic condition may have had a personal negative experience with electricity, such as being shocked in some way. This could be a gentle shock to full blown electrocution. This episode could have lead to severe injury such as burns or unconsciousness. Some electrophobes develop the fear second hand, by watching films or TV programmes or reading about negative experiences with electricity. Even anxieties about the death penalty can lead to anxieties about electricity, when it is attached the the awesome power that it can muster in order to kill a person.

Sufferers of this condition will endeavour to use as little electricity as possible, choosing more traditional means of doing things rather than the automation the electricity creates. For many outsiders, these people will be seen as traditionalists choosing to do things the old fashioned way rather than to enjoy the modern conveniences which most of us take for granted.

Electrophobes will tend to experience many of the symptoms of anxiety that sufferers of other conditions experience. They will also tend to utilise avoidance as a means of getting around this anxiety

Psychotherapy can often help these sufferers find a balance in their lives. They may not love electrics, but after a successful course of psychotherapy people find that they are able to cope with it much better.

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