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Egan’s Skilled Helper Model

Egan’s Skilled Helper Model

Egan’s Skilled Helper Model has been proven to be helpful in assisting individuals solve daily problems and open up business and personal growth opportunities. The main goal is for individuals to be better equipped to help themselves in making decisions and dealing with everyday tasks. Basically this therapeutic model encourages self-empowerment.It may be helpful to view this model as a mind map, a layout that will guide you thought uncharted territory. This adventure will have you experiencing and learning new things.

Although, it is very adaptable and flexible, there are several steps of this model that should be loosely followed.

1. The first stage is when problems are identified, explored and clarified. This is done to open up more possibilities for growth.

2. Next would come the background story. Therapist will help clients break old habits that have them spinning on a hamster wheel. The story flows as quickly as the client is ready to release it.

3. Blind spots are then identified. Depending on our personal knowledge and experience, a perspective of how we view the world around us is developed as well as negativity such as I can never do that” or “that is too difficult to learn”. This type of negative thinking is so common that we forsake challenging them. This method helps clients to evaluate and change a thought pattern and this allows them to view a problem from a new problem solving perspective.

4. A therapist or guidance workers will help you find direction and teach you to prioritize. It is important to focus on one task at a time and then move on. This step by step process will provide a solid foundation for clients to be more confident as more opportunities present themselves.

5. With this new found knowledge and perspective, new avenues of opportunities are explored and pursued.

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