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Easter Sunday The Therapeutic Pay Off

Easter Sunday The Therapeutic Pay Off

Well we looked over the past two days at Good Friday which represents the death of the old behaviour or belief and Easter Saturday which represents the work and trying out of new more adaptive behaviours and beliefs. So, finally we reach Easter Sunday or the therapeutic pay off.

With all the work done and tried the client reaches this stage of their transformation. They are now where and how they want to be and they can now look forward to their own therapeutic rebirth, as it were. Now, obviously in the story of Easter this is the day that Jesus is ressurected. I do not consider that the right word for therapy, but I think resurrection and rebirth can be used at this point interchanably.

After all, in Christian tradition, Jesus had to endure all he did for the pay off of the forgiveness of sin. The same is true for the client, they go through the therapeutic process in order for their therapeutic pay off which is their being able to live the life that they wanted to.

I hope you enjoyed this metaphoric look at the Easter story. I have said to client and students alike, we perceive the world through metaphor it is our most basic means of conveying information. So whether you believe in the Easter story or not, have a great Easter weekend.

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