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Easter Saturday and Therapy

Easter Saturday and Therapy

To continue looking at the therapeutic interpretations of Easter, we move today to Easter Saturday. For many in the religious community a relatively unimportant day, but if we look at Easter therapeutically, a very important day indeed. As Good Friday represented the necessary death of a negative behaviour or belief, Easter Saturday represents the bridge between this and the eventual rebirth of Easter.

In reality of course, therapy seldom takes a day, but if we look again at the metaphoric viewpoint, Easter Saturday is when the client will work through and try out new beliefs and behaviours before finally settling on what will work best for them.

Obviously, this trying out process is at the heart of most forms of solution orientated psychotherapies. When we look to solutions it can be a more dynamic and emowering therapeutic intervention because the focus is on what a client wants rather than what a client has expereinced. By doing this, we are able to change the dynamic of the client’s experience to help them to reach positive outcomes without having to carry the baggage of their past experiences.

Perhaps if you are reading this today, you might decide to look at some of your own processes and perhaps use today to try on some new options and see how they fit.

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