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Dreams a’la Jung

Dreams a’la Jung

Jung viewed dreams as being compensatory and revealing, the latter in opposition to  Freud’s  concealing view. In common with Freud, Jung believed that dreams are the voice of the unconscious, but held the view that symbols are natural expressions of the  unconscious.  Jung  suggested  that  symbols  represent  the language  of  emotion and that dream symbols, in particular, comprise symbolic messages to be deciphered rather than  heavily  disguised transmissions of “latent” issues.

Jung claimed that dreams  are  an  inner  drive  towards  health  and maturity, the purpose being  to  restore  psychological  equilibrium. To Jung, symbols are the natural language of the unconscious, not disturbed mental activity. Dreams contain archetypal symbols and  need to be understood as the striving for inner directed progression  in a world concerned with outwardly directed characteristics.

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