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Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

One of the issues which seem to plague many of my clients it that of procrastination. All too often, either the fear of failure or success or just fear in general cause people to decide not to take action on things that they need to do and yes even want to do.

I have been minded to the fact that life is finite which means that we all have only a certain amount of time to do the things that we want to do before our time runs out. What a waste it is when people will not take the chances that life offers them. Recently a very close friend of mine took a chance to do something that she wanted to do for some time. There was risk, but it was worth taking the chance. This is the way we should all be living take risks and succeed and yes even fail.

Life is about opportunity, we procrastinate for our own reasons, often though these reasons are not viable. We as therapists can be a great assistance in helping clients to be able to put their fear aside in order to live for today.

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