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Do Therapists Have Therapy Themselves

Do Therapists Have Therapy Themselves

There is a question I get asked from many people in social settings as well as by client’s themselves, “Do therapists have therapy themselves”. The answer to that is “All ethical psychotherapists undertake personal therapy as part of their training”. Actually, therapists may revisit therapy at many points in their career.

Some people are surprised by this, they think that because a therapist is a therapist they should be sorted and not need therapy. Actually, therapists should be aware of their own process to be able to go to therapy when they feel they need it. Therapy is not something that should be ashamed of, it is a sign of strength to go to seek assistance to get past their issues. As much as we might like to solve our own problems, there are times when we need a neutral set of eyes. That is what therapy, good therapy, can provide.

Therapists are not superhuman, they have issues too. By them attending therapy themselves it helps to keep their issues out of the room when they are working with their clients. If you are seeking out a therapist for your issues, do not be afraid to ask your therapist if he or she has or is undergoing therapy themselves. Be assured it is in your interest that they have the insight to do what is right for them, therefore they will probably have the insight to do what is right for you.

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