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Do Not Think Do

Do Not Think Do

I see clients so often who are stuck in their own “personal analysis” that the become unable to move forward at all. What I mean by this is that people will spend a considerable amount of time looking at themselves and thinking about things and weighing things up that by the time they have done all this the moment has passed and they have to start all over again with something else.

Thought and thinking are very useful things to do, however, sometimes people will retreat into these things as way to avoid living. Thinking is not a substitute for the real world. In order to be a part of life, you have to live life. I remind clients that there are often very good reasons not to do things as well as very good reasons to do them.

People as a rule do not want to fail in life, however, failure is a part of life and it is through failure that we grow. Indeed, I would argue that failure often gives us greater insight into life than success does. So I often recommend my clients to fail, as it will help them to clarify the things they want and do not want in their lives. So as a thought for today, don’t think do…..if you succeed good, if you fail even better because it is through failure that we learn.

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