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Divorce and the Holidays

Divorce and the Holidays

As Christmas Eve is here, I thought today I would talk about a rather unpleasant side effect of the holidays. This is the time of year when divorce becomes far more prevalent. This can be because people are spending more time together than then normally would do, or perhaps it is a time of reappraising life and the cracks in a relationship becomes more obvious. Whatever the reason, this can be a very sad time for people, even if the breakdown of the relationship was by mutual consent.

Divorce is sadly an adversarial process, ill feelings are allowed to bubble to the surface with often no restraint. Friends and family egging each party on. Solicitors allowing unreasonable expectations to be demanded and then of course there are the costs, which usually neither side can adequately afford. The final objective being a peace with honour, becomes like the quagmire of the Vietnam War, in which the phrase was coined.

The holidays can often inflame what is already a sensitive time and can lead to deep depression, anger and despair. This can be worse if there are children involved where they end up either splitting their time between parents or even worse, not seeing one of them at this familial time of year. I would ask that if you know someone going through a divorce, please give them a call or visit them, your friendship and support will be most welcome.

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