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Direction in Motivation Pt2

Direction in Motivation Pt2

Choice is also an interesting question in terms of belief and whether choices are made at a conscious or unconscious level. Many smokers perceive themselves not to have a choice as to whether they have a cigarette, and yet struggle little when they are not able to smoke (eg on a plane). Choice can be seen as a continuum with absolute choice at one end, and no choice at all at the other. Where a client believes that they are on this continuum will affect the possibility of success, and motivation can be increased by encouraging movement along the continuum towards choice.

Direction may be broadly towards an outcome that is perceived as beneficial, or away from an outcome that is seen as negative. Interventions are most effective when they address both. For example, a client who says they wish to stop smoking to avoid disease can strengthen their motivation by gaining awareness of the positive aspects of being a non-smoker.
In some models of motivation the direction element is defined as the pain/pleasure principal, stating that we are motivated towards pleasure and away from pain. While we feel that this model has merit, it is too simplistic for most clients that a hypnotist will see in their consulting room.

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