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Dipsophobia- Fear of drinking

Dipsophobia- Fear of drinking

Dipsophobia is a significant anxiety about consuming alcohol. People afflicted with disophobia experience a acute and unfounded anxiety about becoming addicted to alcohol and the effects this addiction will have to to their body. Religious believes can have a significant part to play in this fear. Additionally, the loss of control is another contributing factor to this phobia. The idea of losing inhibitions or making errors of judgement whilst under the influence of alcohol can cause people to fear the whole idea of alcohol. Also, personal experience in knowing alcoholics can also lead to a fear of using alcohol in an capacity.

In many cultures alcohol is an integral part of most social situation. How a person responds to drinking can be influenced by a person’s education and upbringing.

Sufferers will tend to avoid any social function or gathering where alcohol might feature. They will avoid clubs, bars and pubs. As alcohol is a choice, the decision not to drink is a personal one and should not be too difficult. The real challenge is trying to function around people who drink alcohol. This phobia can impact a sufferer’s personal and family life. It can even have an impact on romantic relationships. Television and films can trigger this fear as these often show off the worst excesses of alcohol.

Psychotherapy with hypnosis can be used to help a sufferer to make peace with themselves and learn to function appropriately in a world where alcohol is so prevalent.

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