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Depth and Hypnotherapy

Depth and Hypnotherapy

There has been a debate in the field of hypnosis which I would say has been going on for decades. The question is whether depth in hypnotherapy actually matters. There are several hypnotherapists, mainly from the United States, who say that the deeper a client goes the more effective the intervention.

My position is that the depth only matters in cases of hypnosis being used for pain relief, especially in surgical procedures. Now, you may well be asking, why makes your position more valid than those who think depth is everything. Well, simple, there is no research which validates the importance of depth. Indeed, it has been shown that a light state of trance is all that is really needed for most psychotherapeutic interventions where hypnosis is the vehicle for the delivery.

I can understand that there are hypnotherapists, as well as clients, who value the idea of deep trance phenomena. However, there is really no therapeutic value in the deeper levels of trance work. Hypnotherapy must not be seen as a power or magic, and very often the idea of deep trance phenomena can lead people to think more a hypnosis than is the reality. A powerful tool, but only really useful in the hands of a properly qualified practitioner who understands the nuance of therapeutic work.

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