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Decidophobia- Fear of making decisions

Decidophobia- Fear of making decisions

Decisions are a part of everyday life for all people. We generally make unconscious decisions like when we wake and go to sleep, whether we sit or stand what we drink and what we eat. These decisions occur on a moment by moment day by day basis. Decisions for ourselves are often easier than making decisions which will have an impact on other people’s lives. Financial and career decisions are two good examples of some of these difficult decisions which sufferers of decidophobia will have a tremendous difficulty in making.

Decidophobia is the clinical term for those who find it difficult if not impossible to make decisions. This fear can be caused by the sufferer having responsibility for another or a group of people. Those who have been in positions of leadership, who may have failed in some ways may suffer from this unpleasant anxiety.

Self esteem and confidence issues may also be causative factors in suffering from this phobia. One with low confidence may find it easier following another’s direction even when in their hearts and minds know that their ways is a better way. These persons may never put themselves forward to assume positions of leadership and may simply follow the crowd for the rest of their lives.

Sufferers of decidophobia will rely on others to make their decisions, people in authority like parents, teachers, husbands/wives or their superiors. Psychotherapy is a very good way to treat this with perhaps using ego strengthening or regressive hypnosis as part of the overall treatment plan.

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