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On Death and Dying 2016

On Death and Dying 2016

As 2016 draws to its close, one cannot help but think about how death has played a major part in 2016. So many famous names leaving us this year, the most recent of course was George Michael. If you look at social media, you cannot help but notice the number of people being very vocal and blunt about the death toll of 2016.

It makes perfect sense for us, mortality is an issue that, of course, effects us all. It is something that we tend not to want to talk about as it is considered to be a morbid topic and something best avoided. Death is a natural part of life, but it is something not to be looked forward to, but something that we need to be able to look at without fear.

I personally, have taken to wearing a skull ring. No this is not that I have become a biker or heavy metal rocker, it is to symbolise the Latin Momento Mori (Remember you will die). I wear it as a reminder to me that every day we are alive is a gift and it is up to us to use that gift to its maximum effect. So, when we hear of famous deaths, rather than lamenting the death, let’s use this as a reminder that we all need to live our lives to the full.

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