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Deal With the Past Live in the Now

Deal With the Past Live in the Now

I cannot begin to say how many people come to my office with issues relating to difficult attachments with the past and people in the past. So many of us, maintain old beliefs due to situations which we no longer have any control over, if indeed, we ever did.

Generally, these attachments are with people more than events. When people engage in a relationship and are emotionally invested, there is always the chance that even after that relationship is over there will be some lingering feelings or business that needs to be attended to.

These things are often very painful or difficult to even look at, bit through therapy a person can learn to recognise the unhealthy attachment and move toward resolution. This resolution can take many different forms, but the long and the short of it is that the client would need to be able to break the emotional bond with that past individual.

Once that bond has been broken, the client is then in a position to move forward in their own emotional life. It is not always easy, but it is necessary if a person is to live in the here and now, they must deal with the then and there.

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