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Cyberphobia- Fear of computers or working on a computer

Cyberphobia- Fear of computers or working on a computer

Cyberphobia is a morbid and intense fear of computers or working on a computer. The implications of this fear are obvious when one looks at career advancement, as most jobs require the use of a computer at some level, not to mention our personal reliance on technology such as this possible avoidance would be to seek a more manual type of work, but even these are being over run with computer technology at least to some extent.

Cyberphobia can be caused by the sufferers perceived lack of expertise in the use of this technology. Older people, for example, who have not been acclimated to computers or the internet may find their use the cause of much anxiety. As a means of masking this fear, people may hark back to the good old days where this technology did not exist and people were happier with out it.

A common label for people fearing computers is luddites. Luddites are people who are suspicious of new technology, and will often be highly critical of the latest gadget as being unhelpful or useless. Those with a severe form of cyberphobia may exhibit symptoms that are common to other forms of phobia, like panic attacks and other forms of avoidance.

Options for cyberphobia treatment include hypnosis with using exposure therapy and desensitization therapy.

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