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Creating Boundaries with Hypnotherapy

Creating Boundaries with Hypnotherapy

One of the most common issues people come to me with are issues regarding boundaries. All too often people are willing to permit other people to tread on their views, values and space. Politeness often dictates that we accept this without really complaining. However, these are all clear boundary violations. We are normally introduced to boundaries in the early stages of our development. Parents have a great impact on how we create and maintain our personal boundaries.

However, when this is not attended to properly, it can have a real negative impact on a person’s later life. Not only is it possible to be the victim of boundary violations, like I previously described, but one can also become a violator him or herself. This has implications in how we form relationships both personal and professional.

It has become more of a fashion now for some parents to allow their children to express themselves how and where they want without regard for the usual niceties of politeness and waiting for others to complete their conversations before interrupting. However, what may seem a way to encourage uniqueness may in the end make the person far more likely to have difficulties with boundaries and relationships later in life.

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