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Couples Therapy and Hypnotherapy

Couples Therapy and Hypnotherapy

Today and tomorrow’s posts will be in the vein of me being frustrated and me wanting to vent a bit of anger about the sloppiness of the hypnotherapy profession. For the better part of my adult life, I have worked to help the profession of hypnotherapy to gain legitimacy. However, the price for legitimacy is compromise and to an extent a limitation of the professional practice of hypnotherapy.

I was looking at a website the other day and discovered in the laundry list of issues that this practitioner works with was couples therapy. Now, there are specific qualifications to working with couples and these qualifications require study, usually at a post graduate level, and are measured in years as opposed to hours. Working the the complex dynamism of couples requires specialised knowledge and cannot simply be added to a laundry list of all kinds of issues from A to Z. This is just the sort of nonsense that lowers the profession in the public’s eye, because without being trained to work with this, a therapist is unlikely to be able to effectively work with it. It also lowers the profession in the profession’s eyes. If I were a couples therapist I would be extremely displeased by a person doing this without appropriate training. I always ask clients, how would you feel if a therapist started saying they use hypnotherapy without the appropriate training. The truth is, the street goes both ways and we would be wise to act internally, before external forces step in and do it for us.

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