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Coulrophobia and Hypnotherapy

Coulrophobia and Hypnotherapy

This is not the sort of fear most people think of when they think of phobias. Tom Daley, the champion diver, has said that he was going to seek hypnotherapy to deal with this phobia. Oh, I forgot to mention that Coulrophobia is a fear of clowns. Though there are many sufferers of this condition, it should be noted that this condition is not listed in the World Health Organisation’s ICD-10 nor in the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5.

Clowns used to be a source of joy and fun for children of all ages. This has changed over recent years. The decline of circuses and clowns becoming a subject of some horror films have give the clown a less than charitable image. Clowns, with their oversized shoes and extreme make up is meant to be humorous. However, without the regular exposure which I mentioned earlier can give the clown the image of a monster rather than a jester.

As with all phobias, it it essential to understand where this fear comes from and what unconscious purpose it is serving. Yes purpose, all phobias no matter how severe are meant to serve a positive purpose to the person who is experiencing it. Once this is understood, hypnotherapy can be very effective in helping to resolve the issue once and for all.

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