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Cooking Classes for Diabetics

Cooking Classes for Diabetics

In an article recently, I read that there is an idea to force type 2 diabetics to undertake cooking classes in order to help with the obesity which can often lead to diabetes. Now on the surface this may sound like a good idea. Better health through education is a good idea and should be encouraged.

However, this presupposes that diabetics do not know what they are doing when it comes to food. Indeed, it is far more likely that diabetics perfectly understand that the food that they are eating does not help with their condition. Even with this knowledge, they choose to do it any way.

This premise implies that there is more to diabetes and obesity than food alone. I know there are some practitioners in various fields who would have you believe that a change of diet is all that is required to change this situation. That simply is not true. There could be a myriad of psychological and emotional reasons as to why people are obese and that the risk of diabetes holds no fear for them

It is time to treat people struggling with obesity as adults and look at the potential causes of their situation rather than focusing on the narrow view of the outcome of their behaviours.

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