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Consumerism and Mental Health

Consumerism and Mental Health

There is a proponderance for people to acquire for the sake of acquisition rather than need. So many things to own, upgrade and covet. But is this good for our mental health. I would argue, that in my experience the answer is a resounding no. More and more of my clients are presenting with issues of inadequacy simply because they cannot keep up the the proverbial Joneses.

The need for more money to buy more things which have a finite shel life at the best of times is causing people significant stress and anxiety. This in turn can have a dramatic negative effect on their mental health and well being.

I consider myself a capitalist and that there is nothing in principle with wanting to own nice things. However, when this becomes the be all and end all we reach a stage where we know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. There needs to be a middle ground, as this need for acquisition can often be a tell tale sign of a lack of self worth and esteem. Good therapy can help bring this into balance where a person can develop a far greater intrinsic locus of evaluation and talk control of their own mental state without having to buy the latest greatest thing.

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