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Considerations for Regression

Considerations for Regression

While regressing, there are some basic considerations:

  1. Clean language is an absolute must.
  2. It is ok to use some closed questions, but they must always include all possibilities. For example, it is fine to ask “Are you inside or out?”, or “Are you male or female?”, but not to imply choice with a question such as “ what sort of dress are you wearing?” or “who is the king?
  3. Some clients will automatically keep going, and reporting events. Other will not. You can keep the process going, and help them to move on, but you need to keep this vague. For example it is ok to say “now just relax, even more, and let yourself move to another important time in this lifetime”. Note that we do not say “forward in time”, as it could be that the client needs to look at something earlier.
  4. If the client has chosen, you can take them through the death process. Remember to dissociate. Again, keep the language clean. Don’t say, “who is waiting for you?” etc!
  5. If they choose, you can take them to periods of transition. Again, remember the premise that we do not decide the client’s belief system for them, so keep it clean.
  6. Depending on the client and the issue, you may want to look at “karmic” factors during the session. That’s fine, as is leaving this to the ending.


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