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Connect With People in Reality not Virtual Reality

Connect With People in Reality not Virtual Reality

Whilst thinking about what to write about today, I came across a quote “text a friend and wait for the sweet response”. I thought about this and became quite irritated by it. I say irritated because rather than really connecting with another person this quote was basically saying a text was as good.

This idea that connecting in the virtual world of texts and IM’s being as good as real human connection must be challenged. Human beings require interaction to be healthy we need to be around people and for us to socialise in order to develop in a healthy way both mentally and physically.

Our over dependence on technology in order to feel connected has very real disadvantages. We forget what it is like to make real connections with people. We develop a distance which means that we are less able to interact honestly with each other. The virtual world also seems to give people permission to interact in ways that they never would in reality. Saying things that they would never get away with in the real world. This was quite evident in the Brexit and recent presidential campaign.

Please remember we need real interaction and conversation, texts are a poor substitute for this, as this communication leaves out 93% of the factors in effective communication.

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