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Conference Day One

Conference Day One

I write this entry from the King’s Room at the old Grand Hotel in Leicester having just opened the eight annual International Hypno-Psychotherapy Conference.

The opening of conference is one of my favourite duties as principal of the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. As I looked out into the audience, my first feeling was a bit of sadness, because the numbers were lower than usual this year because Elton John has come to town and hotel rooms were difficult for some attendees to secure.

But as I looked out in to the audience and saw some old friends and comrades who have come to most of the 18 previous conferences Fiona and I have organised, I began to feel a genuine affection for the group.

The old guard was balanced by new therapists and trainees who are hungry for the knowledge they get from conference. I suddenly realised that we had the perfect number of delegates and the energy in the room was palpable. Good an thoughtful presentations will follow with excellent well thought questions being asked.

Well it’s not an Elton John show, but I hope that his audience is at least half as enthusiastic as ours is.


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