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Conference 2016 Still Time to Get Your Mojo Back

Conference 2016 Still Time to Get Your Mojo Back

This is a post more for my professional colleagues than the general public, so I hope that you will bear with me. I have been in practice for twenty seven and a half years, and I know that practitioners at the cutting edge of clinical work can get burned out. Our’s is a lonely profession and it is difficult to share what we do with those nearest and dearest to us as people who do not work within our profession tend not to grasp the challenges we are under.

One of the highlights of my professional, as well as my personal year, is the International Hypno-Psychotherapy Conference organised by my college, the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. I say my professional as well as my personal year, because not only does one gain a great deal of professional tips and approaches which I integrate into my clinical practice from the Monday after conference. I also find the social aspect of the conference and seeing old friends and colleagues gives me a significant lift emotionally and psychologically. A change to socialise with people with a unique understanding of the job is a precious gift.

If you are a professional therapist, and you are looking to get your mojo back, why not come to Leicester for the International Hypno-Psychotherapy Conference 2016. For information, go to

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