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Companies Doing More to Embrace Wellness

Companies Doing More to Embrace Wellness

One of the things which I find that gives me hope is that companies are really beginning to take seriously their responsibilities when it comes to client welfare and wellness. This month sees me doing a corporate smoking cessation morning as well as an introduction to mental health awareness in the work place.

These are programmes that I really enjoy doing because if it something that people can really benefit from without the necessity of coming to my office. I love working one on one with clients in the office, but I also like being out in the world talking to intelligent people and decision makers about mental health issues.

If more companies would recognise their obligations in this key area, I believe we would have a more productive workforce because we would have a healthier and happier work force. When we look at what makes people happy and well in the long term, we must ask the difficult questions regarding mental health as well as physical health. By doing programmes like mental health awareness and smoking cessation this covers both of these key areas.

I hope that more companies will follow suit and that to call a psychotherapist in the future will be no different than calling the accountant.

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