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Cometophobia- Fear of comets

Cometophobia- Fear of comets

Comets are made up of a mixture of rock particles, ice, and dust. They illuminate the night sky as they pass the earth. Comets appear to have a “tail” as they pass the earth. For some this is considered a very romantic site. Throughout history, the coming of a comet was seen as some form of prophecy or either good news or alternatively the precursor of death and doom.

The fear of comets is called as Cometophobia. People can develop this phobia in a number of different ways. For one type of person one may develop this fear through the reading or watching of films relating science fiction. Often in these stories comets are the harbinger of death and destruction and with advances in CGI these effects can cause significant distress to those who suffer. Another type of sufferer, may be one who is particularly religious who may believe in a variety of different prophecies which relate to the end of days, which in some traditions is preceded by comets striking and destroying the earth and its infrastructure.

Symptoms of Cometophobia are not at all dissimilar to those of other phobics, though with this fairly obscure fear, is unlikely to manifest itself regularly in a sufferer’s life.

Regressive and behavioural forms of hypnotherapy can be very effective in assisting clients to overcome this issue.

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