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Cnidophobia Fear of stings

Cnidophobia€“ Fear of stings

Cnidophobia is the constant and intense fear of stings (not to be mistaken for a fear of the artist Sting). Sufferers of this condition are fearful of any type of sting be it from an insect, or plant. A common cause of this issue is that the sufferer may have been stung by a bee or wasp in his/her childhood.

Stings are naturally uncomfortable to receive and in extreme cases they can actually cause serious illness or even death. Plant stings can be particularly unpleasant as what might seem an innocent plant may actually prove to have a very unpleasant “sting in the tail” as it were. These plants harm humans and animals by using their tiny trichomes that enter the skin. When they enter the skin they deposit some chemicals causing an uncomfortable burning or itching sensation which can last up to one week. Some medical procedures can also be associated with this condition, especially when treating allergies, which might react badly to the injection of medication given.

The sight or sound of an insect or plant can trigger of the phobic and anxiety response in the sufferer. These responses are quite similar to other forms of phobia.

Psychotherapy in concert with hypnosis can be an effective way to work with this condition.

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