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Climbing the Greasy Pole and Mental Health

Climbing the Greasy Pole and Mental Health

There are people in the world, and I count myself as one, who simply are driven to get as far and as fast as they can in their lives. Whether that be in career or in their personal life, there seems to be something that drives people to push forward as hard and as fast as they can. In many respects this is a laudable quality which many employers count as a positive attribute. However, this may not be the best course of action when considering a person’s mental health.

When a person has a goal, it gives them focus. However, when that goal becomes the be all and end all, consuming every waking hour of their thought process and causing them to forsake other important aspects of their lives in order to achieve that goal. This is not healthy, neither for mind nor body.

I spend a great deal of time discussing the concept of balance with my clients. The importance to find a healthy position when it comes to work and personal life (which of course includes family). As I have gotten older, I like to believe that I have found greater balance. This has made me a better therapist as well as a better man. Consider your passions and ensure that they do not dominate your life and that you too can find balance and peace of mind.

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