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Clients Who Become Hypnotherapists

Clients Who Become Hypnotherapists

For many readers who are not involved with the profession, you might find this title to be a little odd. Clients are clients, surely, and that does not really change does it? Well for some, yes it does. I have been involved with training hypnotherapists since 1993, and it never ceases to amaze me that there are students who become hypnotherapists because of a good experience with their previous therapist.

Actually, this is not unusual at all. In the beginnings of psychotherapy, meaning of course Freudian Psychoanalysis, many of Professor Freud’s clients became the first traunce of psychotherapists. So from the very beginning of the talking therapy profession, it was not considered to be uncommon for ex clients to become therapists in their own right.

It is particularly important for those who have made this decision to become therapists that they make sure that they understand the undertaking to which they are embarking. It is possible that people who have experienced good therapy may romanticise the idea of being a therapist. Whether a person has had therapy before they become a therapist or not, it is essential that they understand that the therapists’ life is an earnest one. A professional life which is based on helping people reach their therapeutic goals.

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