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Christmas is Coming Spare a Thought

Christmas is Coming Spare a Thought

Well it is the first of December and I suppose today begins the “legitimate” run up to Christmas. People have their trees up and the television and radio are awash with adverts about the latest greatest must have products. There is a great focus on family and friends and everyone being happy healthy and well.

I would like to ask that readers consider that this is not a great time of year for many of our fellow human beings. Some feel lost and alone at the best of times and at this time when all is supposed to be perfect, it only makes them feel more alone and lost. There are those for whom circumstances do not allow them to be able to purchase that great must have gift. Indeed there are many who are hungry and suffering significant mental distress.

Perhaps we should all spare a thought or two for these people for whom Christmas is just another day at best or a real hardship at worst. We should consider engaging more with people and trying to really make this the season of good will. I know this post might sound preachy, but this is a very difficult time for some people, as caring compassionate human beings we should not ignore this, but rather help where we can.

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