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Chorophobia- Fear of dancing

Chorophobia- Fear of dancing

Chorophobia is a pathological fear of or an anxiety about dancing. This is often caused by an individual’s unwillingness to become aroused, excited, or ecstatic. Chorophobia is also a phobic response towards any event, situation or person that resembles, or is associated with dancing€ of any form or kind. This can include events like marriage receptions and social evenings.

Those who suffer from Chorophobia will do whatever is required to avoid dancing of any kind. Anything, be that a person or situation that resembles or relates to €œdancing may set off  this fear. This phobia is generally caused by some occurrence of dancing in a person’s life. This could be through direct influence (ie they experienced it) or indirect (ie they watched it). Some may have felt foolish whist dancing in front of others, and felt ridiculed. Chorophobia is on the same spectrum of other fears, such as the fear of embarrassment, or social phobia..

The symptoms of chorophobia are common to other phobic responses such as shortness of breath, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea, panic, and avoidance of places where the fear would manifest itself.

Treatment can include psychotherapy whereby hypnosis is utilised as the vehicle.

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