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Chiraptophobia- Fear of being touched

Chiraptophobia- Fear of being touched

There are people in the world who are pathologically fearful about being touched by other people or even being just close to others. Some might feel that their personal space is being invaded and this fear becomes a central part of the way that sufferers live their lives. Chiraptophobia, the fear of being touched, is Latin for fear of being touched.

Those who suffer with chiratophobia may appear to be aloof and distant in both their personal and professional lives. This fear can be caused by a variety of circumstances. It is possible that the phobic could have experienced a traumatic event before, perhaps they were aware of someone being physically or sexually abused or they themselves suffered the abuse. Others may not used to being touched because of a lack of physical contact during either their formative years or in their early youth.

Sufferers will avoid other people who try to get close to them. As with many other phobias, panic attack symptoms can manifest when the Chiraptophobic comes into contact with another person. They might feel or show dizziness, a sense of dread, an increased heart rate and tremendous fear.

Professional therapy can be of great help in addressing issues relating to this phobia. Many people benefit from hypnotherapy to treat this condition.

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