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Change is Good

Change is Good

I know that this is not a very unique concept, people come to therapy for change work. Indeed, we are in a constant state of flux, changing with every new experience and even changing our perspective with old experiences. Despite this inevitability, people often have a distinct fear of change.

It always strikes me that it is odd that people will often stay in a negative behaviour or situation rather than embrace change. People will see that no matter what situation they are in it is preferable than going into the unknown.

As a psychotherapist I endeavour to help clients to embrace change even when we do not know what the outcome of that change will be. Therapy requires bravery on both the therapist’s part but especially from the client’s point of view. I believe that every client who undertakes the journey of therapy is brave enough to delve deeply into the selves is therapeutic in itself.

If you are considering therapy I would like to say to you, embrace change because change is good. You could not stop change even if you wanted to. In the company of a skilled therapist you might amaze yourself in what you care capable of doing.

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