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A Chance to Meet Old Friends and Make New Ones

A Chance to Meet Old Friends and Make New Ones

Well this is the official day one of the International Hypno-Psychotherapy Conference. It is my favourite day, getting to see old friends and meet some new ones. The conference provides continuing professional development for practitioners, but even more than than that, it is an opportunity to network and learn things that cannot be taught in front of the room.

I always enjoy the prospect of being able to swap “war stories” with some of the more experienced practitioners as well as spinning yarns in the conference bar for the less experienced practitioners and students. We are a relatively lonely profession, we cannot really associate with the people we work with so conference provides the opportunity to be like “normal people”. Which for therapists can really be a novelty.

The only tinge of regret is that there are people who it would be amazing if they were in attendance. Scheduling and other issues can get in the way of being able to attend events like this. However, at some point of the evening, I will be making a toast to absent friends and loved ones who I personally will miss this weekend.

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