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Celebrity and Anxiety

Celebrity and Anxiety

One can hardly look at a paper or the internet this week without some discussion of this star or that star having issues with anxiety. Be that Carole Vorderman and her depression post menopause or Mel C talking about her previous anxiety when advising Zayn Malik to get professional help for his anxiety issues. To my way of thinking this is very helpful and in many ways courageous of these celebrities to speak about their own challenges. I have written about others like Lawrence Fox and Adele in the recent past.

One may ask oneself, “Why would these people with seemingly everything struggle with anxiety and depression”. The answer is relatively simple, because of those who celebrate them. Celebrity in this day and age is very different to the past. With social media constantly discussing how a person looks, and what a person wears and who a person is sleeping with, there is a constant pressure to be on and in many respects on their guard.

Many celebs develop a thick skin and let the constant media attention, both social and other, not affect them. This is a skill that many people have naturally, but others have to cultivate and that cultivation often comes from being put through the proverbial ringer. I think we should give credit to those in the limelight who share their struggles as these folk can be an inspiration for others to get the help that they need.

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