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CBT Therapeutic Techniques Pt2

CBT Therapeutic Techniques Pt2

Graded tasks and experiments

These can be used to test out hypotheses. E.g. if a client thinks ‘I will be rejected if I talk to someone at work’ you may suggest that he sets a goal of saying hello to someone that week. The difficulty of the task can increase and the client works through the hierarchy. You can use hypnosis to rehearse this.


Teaching relaxation is a skill that the client can use and benefit from. Self-hypnosis and relaxation CDs are useful in helping the client reduce negativity and tension. Exercise – one that the client enjoys – is also beneficial. Studies show that walking for 40 minutes a day may reduce the negative symptoms of mild depression.


Using age progression in hypnosis to a time when the client feels well, is achieving and enjoying activities again can be a motivating force for clients and orient them towards feeling better.

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