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Catching Some Heat

Catching Some Heat

As I could have predicted my post from yesterday struck a chord with some in my profession. I have had private emails from practitioners who absolutely support the postition that Hypnotherapists should fully disclose their qualifications as well as where they were earned. Of course, with most things, there are also those who found what I said did not ring true with them.

I can appreciate both sides, but in order for a profession to grow and develop in a healthy way debate is needed. So I do not mind the emails which say that they disagree with me and give their position in a constructive and respectful way. However, this courtesy was not displayed by all and I think that is unfortunate.

One of the greatest issues in my view to hypnotherapy to be taken seriously as a discipline is how some of us present ourselves and our points of view. I am firmly convinced what whilst hypnotherapy has a small, but vocal minority of practitioners who simply want to make money at whatever cost and who are poorly trained and exploit the very loose regulations regarding the legalities of practice, the profession will not advance to where is should be.

Is there a solution? Yes, but I fear that it will be unpalatable for many and therefore has little chance of ever coming to fruition. Regulation is needed, either from within the profession and if it cannot do so for itself it needs to come from outside the profession. I hope that we can clean up our own house, before it needs to be cleaned up by outsiders.

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