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Why Can’t I Sleep

Why Can’t I Sleep

This is a common question that I get from clients. Often sleep is a secondary issue that presents itself when working with other issues. Sleep is so very important and is often taken for granted. That is until it becomes difficult to sleep. Our physical and mental health is absolutely dependent on how we sleep. We need this time to recover both physically and mentally.

Anxiety is a primary cause of a lack of sleep. Obviously, there are other factors like the intake of food and drink particularly drink with caffeine in it can cause difficulties in sleep. Let’s not forget that shiftwork can also have a negative effect on our sleep patterns as well.

Change is also a common reason for a lack of sleep. Change as we all know is inevitable and occurs whether we want it or not. Sleep can be effected by positive as well as negative change. How we mange our daytime hours has a direct impact on our sleeping hours. Often when I work with people with sleep issues, I will spend a great deal of time working on how a person deals with stress and change in their waking hours. This is an important factor in good sleep management. The most important thing to remember is the law of reversed effect, which is where something is tried over and over until it becomes impossible to do. If you are finding it difficult to fall asleep, just relax and let it happen naturally.

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