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You Can’t Fix Stupid

You Can’t Fix Stupid

Today’s offering sports an old saying that you cannot fix stupid. Whilst this might sound a bit glib and even a little disrespectful the fact still holds. Today I read a piece on a hoodie being offered by Amazon (though admittedly not in the UK) which has printed on it “Anorexia, Like Bulimia except with self control”. What an absolutely ghastly thing to have written on an article of clothing. It shows a complete lack of understanding regarding eating disorders and it certainly is not funny.

This is not the first time that what I believe to be stupid things are said regarding eating disorders. Let’s not forget the immortal words, “Nothings tastes as good as being thin is”. These messages are taken on board by vulnerable people which only adds to the difficulties they are facing with regarding to their eating disorder.

For a society obsessed with size, it can feel to many, that they must engage in extreme activities in order to be a size that is “socially acceptable”. The truth is what right does society have to place rules on how a person should or should not look. Indeed, we should celebrate people of all shapes and sizes. Provided a person is happy and reasonably fit in mind and body a person’s size is really a matter for them alone. I hope that Amazon will prove me wrong and prove that you can fix stupid and remove this offensive garment from all of their sales portals.

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