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Cannabis Use and Hypnotherapy

Cannabis Use and Hypnotherapy

Ask most people who admit to having tried drugs at least once in their lives, and the drug they will say that they tried was cannabis. Back in the day (my day), cannabis use was common amongst my chums and for the most part it was not seen as being too bad because it was considered to be natural and relatively safe.

Of course fast forward to now, and the situation is very different. Cannabis is no longer seen nor is as safe as once thought. Indeed, extended use of cannabis has been linked to some mental health disorders and can cause difficulties far beyond what we once thought.

In today’s news it has been shown that the use of cannabis in teens across the continent is on the increase. As a practitioner, I have worked with many people who want to curb or curtail their use of cannabis and hypnosis has proven, at least anecdotally, to be a good method in doing so.

Obviously the reason for drug use may vary from person to person, but in the main, for those who have gone beyond simple experimentation, cannabis use is a mechanism for a person to cope with the stresses and stains of life. Through therapy, we can help people develop greater resiliency and help equip them to cope with these norms of life without the use of a foreign chemical in the body.

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