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Cancer and Fake News

Cancer and Fake News

In the not to distant past, I wrote a piece or two about hypnotherapists who make false or misleading claims about how hypnosis can treat cancer. As I have said many times, it is a cruel practice giving false hope to very vulnerable and emotional people who need good news and will grasp for anything no matter how far fetched.

I am delighted to read today that Macmillan Cancer Support is taking the baton in combating false and misleading claims regarding cancer. They have appointed a digital nurse who will tackle head on misconceptions, fallacies and just plain lies about how cancer can and should be treated. Additionally, this digital nurse will debunk the fallacies about the disease itself.

Ellen McPake, is the nurse who will be taking on this most important job, and from one professional to another, I hope that she has noting but success. For many with cancer, the thing that stops them getting treatment sooner is fear and misunderstanding. To have an advocate who will be able to guide people through these fears and concerns in order to help them get the best possible medical advice and information can only be a good thing. Macmillan Cancer Support has always done very good work for those suffering with cancer and those who care for them, this is another excellent programme which they should rightly be proud.

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