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Can Psychotherapy Make You Richer

Can Psychotherapy Make You Richer

When looking at ideas about what to write about today, I came across an article which said that psychotherapy could make you richer, especially if you are a man. Needless to say, I was somewhat intrigued. Not only the idea that attending psychotherapy can have an impact on a person’s income, but also the idea that men seem to financially benefit more from psychotherapy than women. 

The good news is that this particular article has shown that for both genders that the improvement of mental health seems to have a correlation to an improvement of income. I have noticed the same with many of my clients. Interestingly, the majority of my psychotherapy clients tend to be at a higher level in their careers and that they have a real appreciation of the benefits of psychotherapy. Indeed, quite a few sessions cover not only what they came in for, but also conversations as to how the work we are doing can be transferable to the work environment. I think that we as psychotherapists should make it clear that psychotherapy is not only about personal development, but it can also be of great help in a person’s career. 

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