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Can Hypnotherapy Help With Junk Food

Can Hypnotherapy Help With Junk Food

One of the things that people will associate with hypnotherapy is weight loss and management. Indeed, I have written many posts on this subject. These posts have at times been critical about the approach that some hypnotherapists take when it comes to the subject of weight.

One of the areas that hypnotherapy can assist with is the unhealthy relationship that many people have with junk food. As we know, one of the difficulties of junk food is that it is so easy to get hold of. It will often give cheap energy which does not last and can cause significant sugar or even fat crashes.

Rather than taking the approach of aversion therapy, which is the use of negative suggestions being attached to the eating of junk food which would repel a person from doing so. Hypnotherapy can be used to try to understand why a person has developed the relationship with junk food which they have. Often these relationships started innocently enough, but became out of control over time. It is important that people realise that to proscribe junk food, only makes it more desirable. Far better it is to understand it and by doing so moderate it. This moderation is the key to a healthy relationship with all food.

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