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Can Hypnotherapy Assist In Treating Depression

Can Hypnotherapy Assist In Treating Depression

Back in 1989, when I was first trained to be a hypnotherapist the subject of depression came up. In those days, using hypnotherapy to treat depression was absolutely contra-indicated, in other words you did not use it and indeed it was considered bad clinical practice to do so. Times have changed and thanks mainly to American psychologist and Milton Erickson pupil, Michael Yapko, PhD, hypnotherapy can now be used in treating depression using certain protocols.

I have noticed lately a lot of hypnotherapists advertising their services in treating depression, however, when one looks at the training they have had, they are woefully under qualified to do so. Just because an issue can be treated with hypnotherapy, it does not mean that every hypnotherapist should be treating it.

I have always been of the opinion that for certain issues, there is a need for additional training to that of being a hypnotherapist. I am sorry, as I know that this may well offend some hypnotherapists, but a hypnotherapist who is treating depression should be trained, at least in psychopathology, to understand the condition and more importantly to understand when hypnosis can be used and when it shouldn’t be. The only training programmes I know that cover psychopathology are those accredited by the UKCP which eventually lead to being registered as a hypno-psychotherapist.

Whilst I know it might sound like I am being unfair to a large number of hypnotherapists, it is more important for the public that the people they work with are appropriately qualified to do the job they need. Sometimes, it is necessary for a professional to admit that a condition is outside of their scope of competence. Depression for many, many hypnotherapists is outside of that competence.

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