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Buying Accreditations in Hypnotherapy

Buying Accreditations in Hypnotherapy

As the year is drawing to its close, I find myself revisiting a topic whichI really had hoped I would not have to. This is the issue of organisations offering accreditation, seals of approval, and even awards. The requirements to get these, fill in a form and pay your money. There is no due diligence, no qualification validation none of the basic things that a professional body should do to in order to even claim to be a professional body. 

Now I know that this might make me sound like I have a bit of the Scrooge in me. After all, therapy is a business and the more recognitions you have the better placed you are to get clients right? Wrong. It took me all of two minutes to check out this practitioner’s “accreditations” and to learn that they were neigh on meaningless. Now, if I were a potential client, would I still see this person, probably not. More important is that if I was a potential client, I might choose to abandon hypnotherapy all together on the basis of this experience. So these “accreditations” not only hurt the person who uses them, but also the wider profession. Wouldn’t it be great if the hypnotherapy associations made some kind of policy about this sort of behaviour, not only for the good of the profession, but for the good of the public? Yes it would, but I do not see this happening any time soon.

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