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Bullying Anxiety Decreases After Time

Bullying Anxiety Decreases After Time

In a recent study of 11,000 twins, researchers at University College London have found that anxiety problems from childhood bullying exist two years after, but have disappeared after five years. This being the case, childhood bullying should not be minimised in any way as it can still lead to mental health issues later in life.

Certainly from an anecdotal perspective, this rings true in my own practice. Very often people who present to me with issues relating to workplace bullying or even issues like agoraphobia can often trace the conditions roots back to when they were bullied at school.

I often describe anxiety as if it were like a sleeper cell, there are times when it is profound and overt and there are times when it goes into hiding waiting for its moment to present itself again. Additionally, we must consider that childhood mental distress can become adult mental health distress if it is not handled properly at the time.

Bullying is a prevalent part of society and sadly, it seems that it is becoming so normalised that we do not question it when it occurs. It is important that we see bullying in all of its forms as being a potential for mental health issues and tackle it at source even if that makes us feel rather uncomfortable.

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