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Brexit Effecting 1 in 3 Peoples Mental Health

Brexit Effecting 1 in 3 Peoples Mental Health

Well the title is a little misleading, it is actually the uncertainty of Brexit which is effecting one in three peoples mental health. These are the figures quoted by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. These figures are broken down further by saying that the impact effects 20% of Conservative voters reported a negative effect whilst 43% of Labour voters have expressed negative results.

I suppose one could argue that this is not a great surprise (I mean the negative impact as opposed to the party breakdown). It is a well established viewpoint that the unconscious does not appreciate a vacuum, and when confronted with one, it will do what it need to in order to fill it in. So, if you are fearful of the results of Brexit you will fill it with your fears and anxieties. So it is no great wonder that people are having a negative mental health experience when it comes to the political soap opera which is Brexit.

Of course, the way that this is being covered in the media does no favours as well. Continuing to have people on the edge of an emotional cliff can only serve to damage a persons mental health if one is continually exposed to such an emotional roller coaster.

Perhaps we should all take a collective breath over the Easter season in order to reflect and to regain a sense of mental normality. For the sake of all of our health.

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